In the company to carry out safety education training project "green card"


June 12 - 14 day, Heiko company in comprehensive building on the fourth floor of multi-function hall organization to carry out safety education "green card" project of special training, a total of 439 employees to participate in.
The production safety supervision and Management Bureau of Dongying district from Dongying wing occupation training school teacher in charge of explaining. Content related to the safety of production related laws and regulations, the basic knowledge of dangerous chemicals, high risk operations, accident prevention and disposal principles and typical accident case analysis and other related content. For Haike Inc. for the upcoming overhaul, focuses on explaining the maintenance construction work safety attention matters and the typical violations and other knowledge.
Through training, to achieve the operator green card project safety education training pass rate of 100%, for the company to successfully carry out maintenance, to achieve a good foundation for safe production.