Safe production and environmental protection are always our insistence.

Shandong Haike Chemical Company is established in 1988 and located in Shandong Donying Chemical Industry Park. The original name is Shandong Dongying Petroleum Chemical Factory with modified its structure and named by Dongying Haike Chemical Co., September of 2000. It is renamed to Dongying Haike Chemical Group Co. November of 2004 and Shandong Haike Chemical Co., Ltd. in March of 2020. The total investment shall be 320 Million RMB and the revenue was 11.14 billion RMB.

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Safe production guideline


Safety first. Strengthen safety awareness.

This is the principle. It requires us to put safety at first place at work. When safety conflicts with production and benefit, we always stand for safety.


Emphasis on prevention. Ensure intrinsic safety.

This is the methodology. Prevention is very important. It requires us to prevent security accidents before they occur during work. Handle the hidden peril once it is found, and report it if it cannot be solved immediately.


Involving all staff. Implement Territorial administration.

This refers to measures. It is the inevitable requirements to realize safe production, the basic conditions for prevention, and the important support for comprehensive treatment.


Comprehensive treatment. Enhance safety culture.

This is the guarantee. It is both the foundation and the core of safe production. It clears away obstacles for prevention.

We keep marching on as we develop steadily.

In the future, the company will regard scientific development as guideline, with attention on product channels, terminals, brand and industrial development trend, laying a solid foundation for "making Haike the most innovative group with outstanding service capability".

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Honor only says for the past. Our goal is always ahead

Adhering to principles of "Learning, Modernization, Speed, Precision" under the goal of achieving modern corporate management, high-tech production technology, famous brand of leading products and international marketing, the company has been developing fast to step into international market by implementing "brand strategy" and "international strategy".

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